Sunday, February 01, 2009

sunday morning in the tall cotton

We had a busy day yesterday for all of you who keep track of my productivity. I got down on the floor and cleaned the bathroom surfaces that don't often get cleaned. Where does all that fuzzy stuff come from? As a person who does not (or has not) spend much time on the floor due to the complexity of getting back up, it was comical, even to me. I stood for some time, half hunched over, wondering just how to lower myself to the floor. I finally got on my knees, then went to the sitting position. It's been so long I couldn't remember.

Now that was a tantalizing start. The rest of the day was just busy. We went to Kohl's and bought a rug for our dining area. I don't spend much time in the choosing of things like this. I had found one in the catalog that I liked but when they didn't have that one, I picked another one in five seconds giving little thought to matching. Then I bought towels. Same process. These, these, and these. Not much thought. I came around the corner and there's a woman with a colorful rug and several colors of towels and she wants my advice. Clearly, she had not seen my process.

We went to the grocery store which we never do in the afternoon as we typically go in the morning before the shelves are fully stocked. In the afternoon, it's like a damn social outing for people. You can't get down the aisles because groups of people are standing around talking about their kids and dogs and their garden plans. This is what bars are for, people.

We only spent 65 dollars on groceries because we're in the clean out the freezer mode. Does everybody stick stuff in there with no clear plans to use it and it languishes past the time when you would even consider eating it? We have meat from last summer that will be eaten this week. We could probably do this for a month.

Dean McGraw was amazing last night. He did a version of Amazing Grace that was haunting and beautiful, even with the karaoke from the Eagles's Club as background. We got to sing I'm a Believer and Like a Rolling Stone (Dylan) at the end of his show. He also sang All Along the Watchtower, one of my favorite Dylan songs. Here are a couple youtube video versions, Neil Young and Jimi Hendrix.

On to the Superbowl. I have kielbasi in the crockpot with a couple bottles of dark beer and two thinly sliced onions. Apparently this is a Pittsburgh treat. I asked Regis if I couldn't slice it up and put barbecue sauce on it. He nearly fell over. We bought some pierogies in the freezer section of the grocery store because the last time we made them, I nearly died. Those babies are a ton of work.


Amanda said...

just the other day i told matthew that i'm declaring freezer bankruptcy and demanding that we work on eating all the stuff we've crammed in there before adding anything else. i know the stuff was good at the time, but somehow pulling it out of the freezer makes it seem less appealing.

Anonymous said...

I should have known Regis would want food of his people for the Super Bowl. We were in NC with E and E, as we had been last year. Evan plans the menu for the SBowl, which always includes his outstanding guacamole. He also makes sure to have a can of Easy Cheese (E-Z Cheez?) in one hand and chips in the other throughout the game. Traditions die hard. The kielbasa sounds good, despite the bbq sauce omission.