Thursday, February 05, 2009

really i meant to clean

I meant to clean tonight but I didn't get very far. I went swimming at 5 this morning and that tends to kick your evening plans in the ass.

Besides, I'm not a very good cleaner. Not that I don't have good intentions; I do. But it seems less and less important the more time that goes by and I finally give it the old lick and a promise and forget about it. I read once that if you spray Pledge around the doorways, it will give the illusion that you've dusted. Or if you boil cinnamon sticks on the stove, people will think you bake. I'd be more inclined to bake than clean. Dirt just doesn't bother me very much.

The festival of winter (google avoidant, you know) starts tomorrow. I don't know how I missed it but I did. I love love love the parade. It's as much fun as the St. Patrick's Day parade only it's cold and thank God the temperature might be above zero tomorrow night. Some of the other events include a hairly legs contest, rock/paper/scissors contest, and the North American Canned Beer Invitational. Hey, small towns are great.

Our kids are all coming over Saturday night which leads to my cleaning paranoia. I'm afraid other people have better eyes than I do and they'll think ick in their heads when they go in the bathroom or look on top of the piano. I used to tell my kids they could write their names in the dust but not the year.

Perry (Scrubs) said, "Replace the captain of your brain ship because he's drunk at the wheel."

The last few days have been stressful. I'm working on a project at school that is so hard it reminds me of math camp. Yes, math camp.

Regis sent me two dozen gorgeous white roses today. The minute I opened the box they filled my office with a beautiful rose scent. They make me feel like a movie star.

I'm going to forego swimming tomorrow the reason being that I feel water-logged and I'm tired of getting up at 4:30. I can make another go at it on Monday but for tomorrow, I'm layin' in and going out for coffee with Joanne.

The 1930's called and they want their lingo back. If you don't watch Scrubs, you're missing out. Some of the best lines on television.

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