Sunday, February 22, 2009

really, i just need one more day

I finally found some gumption today and did a few things around the house that weren't looming emergencies...recyclables spilling out onto the floor for example.

I cooked a lot. Most of it went over to Bob and Em's house to feed the new family. Alex wants to eat every two hours and that takes a lot of nourishment on the part of the mama. I got to hold Alex for a while...he's tiny, his eyes are mostly closed, and he sleeps and frowns when he hears noises. Ella sat by me and said, "What have you and Popop been up to today?" So grown up. When we were going to leave she said, " I don't want you to go; I want to hold you." She's so sweet, she makes your heart ache.

Betty fell down on Friday night as she took Gonzo for a walk in the snow. I've been sort of preoccupied with worry that she'll venture out again, in bad shoes, with no cell phone, and Regis, Tom, and I will be....unreachable to help her home. She had to flag down a passerby to get a ride home. Bless her heart.

Regis has been missing something he calls tomato pie. It's not a pie like a rhubarb pie, but a pizza with only tomato sauce and romano cheese. I found a recipe on the web but as I was making it, I knew he would say, "It's not like this." He said we'll have to go back to Lorenzo's in New Jersey so I can pay attention. They make a thin crust dough with only sauce and cheese and maybe one topping. If you order more toppings than one, they look at you with disdain. That's what Joe Cro says. The pizza I made was delicious but Regis says it was only "sort of like a tomato pie." Amanda, do the damn quotation marks go before or after the period?

We're watching the red carpet for the Academy Awards. We use it as a quiz...see how many movie stars you can name. It isn't many the older we get. Regis just called Seal. I had no clue about him but I got Ben Kingsley. A few people there look like fish out of water. Like Regis and I would look if they dressed us up in a tux and a ball gown and plopped us on the red carpet.

For men, a hairdo that looks like you just got out of bed must be the hip thing. That's my only fashion statement right there.

Elliot is not making any moves yet. Tiffany says she feels just fine with a tone of disgust. Eric was in a car accident the other night when someone blew through a red light. He has a concussion and torn muscles in his back. Not what they needed right now.

I'm reading a book called Olive Kitteridge. It's short stories, all of which contain the character in the title. (A series of little vinaigrettes. Someone said that to me once about another book. LOL, Tom.) The writing is really beautiful and even though I don't usually like books that aren't linear, the stories are haunting.

The fashion commentary is just a gagger. I like Mickey Rourke's suit and chihuahua necklace and it's too bad that Sophia Loren couldn't come in a pair of knit pants and a cardigan. We haven't seen all the Oscar nominees but we saw Doubt (wonderful) and The Wrestler (powerful but dark).

Well, blah blah blah. G'night.

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Amanda said...

the punctuation marks go inside of the quotes, in this case:) so you're right. also, i watched all of the oscars last night, as i was without callum, and was wondering what was up with all the messy bedhead on guys. all i learned from the oscars is that i kinda might be in love with sean penn after his "commie, homo-loving sons of guns" opening and his excellent appeal to revoke prop. 8.