Monday, February 02, 2009


Regis was ecstatic about the football game yesterday. I'm not a fan and usually only pay attention during the breaks, but it was a good game and I even cheered a time or two. Let's see...the Steelers won, right?

Betty and I were fascinated by the rump factor; trying to figure out the ratio of thighs and butt to running speed. No real definitive answer but it was a pleasant study.

One of the best jokes of the day was mine (bowing to the right and left)...I said I was going to write a book about ennui( I was too apathetic. I crack myself up.

The link thing doesn't work so I had to do it the old-fashioned way. What the hell.

After 47 degrees on Saturday, the weather turned and it was about 8 degrees with a stiff and ugly wind today. There was an article in the Trib last week about how people from other parts of the US don't want to move here. No shit. I bet that took a lot of research dollars to determine.

My cousin Deb said it's lemon and grapefruit season in Arizona. People sell them off picnic tables along the road and you leave your money in a box like you do here for sweet corn in the late summer. Imagine. Lemons and grapefruit on trees in February. It brings tears to your eyes.

We're watching Good Eats. Alton Brown just said if you grew up in the latter part of the 20th century, your only experience with orange sherbet might be floating in the center of a rented punch bowl in a church basement. That's funny.

I made something for dinner called Black Bean and Chicken Chilaquiles. A traditional Mexican breakfast favorite, it's a sauté of day-old tortilla strips, fresh tomato sauce, cream, and cheese. The health version is baked. It's a dish I've ordered a couple times at Mazatlan in Mankato and it's delicious. The one I made was the lighter version but still very good.

So much for this day.

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Anonymous said...

Imagine our shock at arriving in MN last night when we'd spent the day in 65 degree weather in NC. We live here and we're still stunned by the cold. Did the groundhog see its shadow, by the way?