Sunday, February 08, 2009

celebrating babies

We had the family over Saturday to celebrate the coming of the two boy babies the end of the month. There are pictures of the mamas and the rest of the usual suspects in a slideshow at the bottom of this post. We had a wonderful time. Everyone said the food (standard family dinner fare: sloppy joes, cheese potatoes, and cookies) was good and there was a lot of laughter. You can see in the picture that we're happy.

As the party was winding down, Emily said a couple times to Bob, "We should go." Ella was snuggled with me in a blanket in the rocker and she whispered in my ear, "Tell her we don't want to go yet. Tell her you miss me."

Ella and Betty and Tom played pretend cooking for a long time. They made carrot cake and lizards which is quite the festive combination.

Peter got a tattoo which you can also see in the photos. It says Lovelife which apparently is a title of a rap song but sounds like something sort of sweet and new agey. I don't think that's the effect he was going for so I didn't point that out. When my friends see it, they say, "Ooooh, isn't that nice." As if it said I love Mom or something. Anybody comtemplating a tattoo, be aware that they have lost the ability to shock your parents.

Regis is investigating Facebook today. I've heard that it's gotten so big with old people, that young people think it's lame and are abandoning it like rats off a sinking ship. We don't like to let technology pass us by, you know. The internet must be full of that stuff, like old space ships in the sky; webpages and email accounts floating down the cyberpipe like pieces of debris.

I'm obsessed with tapas. I had heard about it before but this weekend, I've spent a lot of time looking at dishes (tiny plates) and recipes. Tiny plates and tiny forks. Little bits of food. Doesn't that sound like fun?


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all. Sweet little Ella will soon be a big sis AND a cousin. In our family, Hannah has been anointed "Lead Cousin", which brings to mind a little girl being followed by a stream of toddling and crawling babies. Ella will have two titles: Lead Cousin and Lead Sibling. Aren't you excited to see how she takes it all in?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Tiffany is such a cute little pregnant person, and she looks so different with her hair down. Emily looks beautiful and healthy too. How exciting for your whole family, and those of us who love watching your family grow.