Monday, January 26, 2009


I notice that I used the verb piddle twice in the last blog posts and I know I used it in several emails over the last few days. What the hell. That's not a word I've ever read in a book and I don't remember using it in the past. Where did that word come from? My theory is that words lie dormant in your brain, waiting around among the sloughing cells, for the moment when they get to pop to the fore and make you sound silly.

Regis pointed out tonight that at 5:40, it was still light outside. Now, we haven't seen the sun more than two days a week for the last three months so light is a relative term. What he meant to say is that it was not dark. Yet. It's not dark yet. I think those words are in one of Dylan's songs. In the movie Wonder Boys. Man, google is great. Here's the link to the lyrics. I put "it's not dark yet" in the search bar and there it is.

I've written about the blog Sweet Juniper before and it's still worth checking out. (I can't seem to stop ending my sentences with prepositions tonight. Maybe I have a grammar hiccup.) Especially read the post titled someday the world outside the Rust Belt is going to blow this kid's mind. It's about parenting on the theory of lowered expectations and taking your kids to motels with pools on vacations instead of to Disney World. If you haven't taken your off-spring to DW, you'll think it's hilarious. I'd copy it here but that's probably a violation of copyright law and it would certainly be theft of this author's intellectual property. So use the dang link and check it out.

Oh my head my head is going to explode. Karl Rove is on television. The current Rolling Stone has an article about the former L of the FW (leader of the free that what they call him?) that is so funny I snorted three times. I realize I made a ragged segue there...are you with me? Also a very funny illustration of the dude with the big hair from Chicago (RB) with his bare hinder hanging over the edge of punch bowl. If you're a regular reader here, you know I like to be surreptitious (not the right word) so that junior high kids don't use my blog as real information for a research paper.

I have winter brain. I'm not sharp enough to find the right word, but I know the wrong word when I use it.

Since we got our cable television back, we've been watching too much reality. I don't mean those reality shows like Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire? but the kind of reality like they have on the 6 o'clock news. That is nasty stuff and it colors the way you view the world. There's some strident guy hollering about the economic stimulus package and it's giving me a tired ass. Banks and credit card companies are getting bailed out? Bailed out OF WHAT???? Extreme wealth? What the hell. I'm going back to watching old re-runs of Seinfeld and Fawlty Towers.

I just checked the definition of piddle on Merriam-Webster's online dictionary. It means to dawdle or putter. Hmmmm. I didn't make it up after all.


Anonymous said...


My mom stopped by Otown on her way home from Spring Valley today. Before she left our house, I asked her if she had to "piddle". As in "pee". And as if my mother can't decide this for herself and go without being asked... In any case, the Potts family uses the word piddle when talking about having to pee.


So we've been using the word wrong all these years?! Thanks for setting us straight!

Teresa Saum said...

That's the second meaning, Annie!

Anonymous said...

I left a comment yesterday about piddle being the same as "peepee" and I was sure Teresa used a more colorful word when describing when she has to go pee.

Anonymous said...

My mom used "to piddle" as a euphemism for 'to urinate', and it was also used at our house in the "to piddle around" sense. Piddle, diddle, dawdle were all of the same ilk. Ilk. You've written about that word before; a strange one.