Thursday, January 15, 2009

we have a solution huzzah

Technical problems have been repaired. I didn't check "for public viewing" when I uploaded the video because it sounded like something sort of lewd. Oh blast, some of you people don't even know how to upload so don't give me any crap. Now it's public and there you go.

Joanne wrote such a funny comment in the video post (she could see it) that I have to republish it here:
Oh Regis- Ye of little faith! Everyone knows that this works. I watched 2 different meteorologists do it on different news channels while I was exercising this morning. It was even on CNN news. They also had a guy in Minnesota pound a nail into a board with a banana that had sat out overnight. Now that I hadn't seen before.

A banana? I might have to try that.

Scrubs is a hoot tonight. It's the musical one. Who writes this stuff? Genius!

It's a good thing that I have many outlets for my verbiage. I had a frustrating incident today and I wrote about in another venue. The air was blue. If I had to write about it here, I would have posted a cuss warning. I know some of my friends and family don't appreciate cussing, but personally, it fills a place in my vocabulary where ordinary adjectives just don't work.

Here's the deal. The clinic called today and said my insurance carrier wants evidence from my doctor (my primary doctor) of a six month supervised diet. They have five months since I started seeing the nutrition doctor and the dietitian in August. They just need one more month and apparently the 40 previous years won't do it. Then they want documentation that that my BMI (look it up) has been over a certain number for 18 months. The snippy nurse said, "Well, that will be hard since you never let us weigh you." New paragraph.

Anybody who has ever had a weight problem gets this. You go in the doctor's office and they have a monster scale in the hall with big ass weights that they move over with a loud ka-chunk the fatter you get. Lovely. Usually the hall is full of people, patient privacy be damned. So, I finally got sick of it and made a few sarcastic remarks and refused thereafter to participate. The sadistic nurse got an attitude and almost cut my arm off with the BP cuff just to punish me so you can see she enjoyed this recent turn of events. I just asked calmly if she would talk to my doctor and ask her to review my records and fax the information they need.

Because it they don't do this before next Thursday, the insurance company will close my file. WTF. Close my file? I've paid huge premiums for years. How can they CLOSE MY FILE?

I've more than surpassed my cuss quota for the year.

Some random photos. I inherited the old camera and I like having one of my own.

Great coffee from that weird place where we saw the guy with the raw wiener in his mouth. Regis says it's as good as Dunkin' Donuts coffee. I say better.

A close-up of the dog who hates the cold weather but loves the heated mattress pad.

Evidence of my obsessive behavior. I'm worried about dry skin. No comments, please.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the "public viewing" choice. I saw the banana hammer, too. Thought it was a hoot. That Jonathan Yuhas is quite a little weather monkey.

Okay, I'm outraged along with you about the treatment the insurance company is giving you. You already know I relate to the very public weight announcements at doctors' offices. I've never understood the need to know a number for weight. Seems like the nurse and the doctor should be able to count my fat rolls and the width of my ass to know that I'm not underweight and in need of a nutritional milkshake, for godssake.