Thursday, January 08, 2009


We decided to swim at the local hotel the last few days. The lights are low, it's warm, and there's nobody else there. The pool is about the size of a postage stamp so you have to do laps the short way which is about like Tom's inflatable pool but all other factors weigh in its favor. Oh, and there are steps to get in and out so you don't have to hoist your hinder up a ladder. But, I've had enough; tomorrow I'm taking the day off.

This is the weather outlook. The blue is snow and the pink is ice. We'd much prefer the snow, thank you very much. There is a lot of whining going on about the weather. The final blog count on pratfalls was only four, in addition to the seven I noted. Our yaktraks should be here by Saturday so I won't be adding to the count.

We're watching the second season of 30 Rock. What a hoot. You have to pay close attention, though, because the best lines are fast.


Anonymous said...

Do you watch Kath and Kim? Annie likes it, so I watched a few times and it's really funny--tonight, for example. Fast lines are a hallmark of this show, too. I also like the humor in My Name is Earl, but never can concentrate on the story line.

Charlie Potts said...

You are getting some Yaktraxs? Sweet! Angie and I have a cheap version of them (they have little spikes instead of the coils) and they are awesome for running and walking on icy or slushy streets. My spikes are starting to wear pretty heavily, so I'm getting a pair of Yaktrax from Cabela's! You'll have to let us know how you like them. Say goodbye to ass bruises forever!

Amanda said...

make sure you watch at least a few minutes of the extras material on 30 rock where they show the live performance they did during the writers' strike.