Saturday, January 17, 2009

rough driving day

This is evidence that I am a poor photographer. I but off Nancy's head and got Tiff and Evie making funny faces.

Tiffany looking over a little outfit for Elliot.

Brenda, Ruth, Teresa, Tiffany and Evelyn.

The name tag on Tiffany's tummy says, "Tiffany and Elliot". Brenda and I drove to Pine Island for a baby shower for Tiffany. We met the nicest people and had a lovely time. Tiffany looks happy and healthy and she's waiting anxiously for Elliot's arrival.

The weather, on a more dismal note, was horrific today. We left about 8 o'clockthis morning and it wasn't too bad although I saw one car in the ditch between St. Peter and Mankato, and we saw several big SUVs in the ditch on 52 north of Rochester. We headed for home about 1 o'clock and it was awful. Many cars in the ditch, horrible visibility, and icy roads. Just east of Waseca, we were behind a pick-up truck. It looked like it took a deliberate right turn and all of sudden it was in the ditch and it flipped over twice and landed on it's wheels. Both people were upright and in their seatbealts as we went past. We didn't have enough room to stop but the car behind us did. I was terrified and let loose with a string of cuss words. Just out of nervousness, of course. Regis said if I had stopped to help, I would have been floundering around in the snowy ditch and there would have been three people to rescue instead of two. I was so glad to be home.

Happy birthday to Young Regis. He's 31 years old today. We took him to Patty's for a patty melt and a Schell's original to celebrate. The place was packed with people who had been at a women's hockey game. What the? I'm all for equality, but seriously? I wouldn't watch heads of state play hockey.

Speaking of heads of state playing hockey, we can say good-bye today to GW and Dick Cheney. You know I'm usually cautious about naming names in my blog but I figure the CIA is so busy as of late that they won't be doing google searches for Dick Cheney on buns of stone. George has been making the talk show circuit the past week which is more than we heard from him in the last 8 years. That's good or bad, depending on how you feel about the English language, himself being one of the major abusers.

The service tonight was awful since the place was full. I fetched beers when people wanted them and I ordered our food at the bar. I know how to do that and it was less aggravating than getting a wait person to pay attention to us. I just made sure Timmy got the tip.

We watched The Wrestler last night. Interesting movie. I liked Micky Rourke's acting but the plot was sad and there was no redemption. You know how I feel about that. Life's too short to watch stuff that's this sad and dark.

Off to bed. I'm reading another book about Henry VIII. One step up from a romance novel.


Anonymous said...

Tiffany looks amazing - she's got that soon-to-be-a-mommy glow about her. Tell her to use it to fire up a blog!

Jill said...

Very cute picture of Tiffany sitting yoga-style in a chair. I'm in awe of anyone who can do that, much less someone who is close to holding Elliot in her arms. I hope she got a ton of great baby stuff at the shower!