Friday, January 09, 2009

i hate how men watch television

What the hell. Is the a hunter-gatherer thing? We sit down to watch some television at 8:00 because it's too early to go to bed and too late to do other things. I understand there is about a 3 minute window where you choose a program for either the next 30 or 60 minutes. Not the man of the house. He wants to see everything that's on and sample a little and pretty soon it's 8:17 and too late to watch anything. It irritates him when I say calmly, "Pick something." And it irritates me when he watches 43 seconds of the beginning of Twister and 26 seconds of Law and Order. Men.

My son. If I call him too much, or happen to call when he's with is friends, he is irritated. So, I hadn't seen him for three days except for footprints in the snow and his car parked in the front of the house. Yesterday I call to see if he can do something in Mankato for me and he barks, "You don't see me for three days, and you don't care how I am?" What the hell. He's a good and handsome kid and I love him dearly. It's just a very weird age.

Peter just called. He worked until 2:30 last night, went to work an hour early today, and just got done working. I'm sorry for complaining that he doesn't call me back.

We were gone for a couple hours tonight and Kramer, our little fuzzy dog, is distraught. He's lying on the footstool now, between the feet of the master. The end of a long winter night.

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Jill said...

It doesn't help that some shows start before the hour now. Why start at 7:58 and not 8:00? There's no sense to it. Oh wait...MEN decide on the programming schedule. I take back what I said about it not making sense.