Thursday, January 29, 2009

friday minus one

ack crap.

It's been a long week but a good one. I'm going swimming again tomorrow and that will be five days this week. That's as close to being competitive as I have ever been. Usually, I don't give a darn about that kind of thing. Betty and I are enjoying our swimming time. It goes fast because we gab, and later in the day, I have to think about whether or not I have exercised.

I've loathed exercise all my life. This is a big change.

We're watching Man on Wire. It's a very cool but weird story about the French guy who walks on wires between tall buildings like the WTC and Notre Dame. I read an essay about him a year ago which didn't make him sound quite as loony as this documentary does. What the hell. What would make a guy do this? You really should check it out in some format if only because it emphasizes in an amazing way the continuum on which humans lie. On one end there are people like Philippe Petit and on the other end there are people like me who get the shakes on a foot stool.

If you haven't contacted your representatives in the democracy about the 18 billion dollars that Wall Street got in bonuses, you should. WTF.

My head my head is going to explode. Karl Rove is on tv again. I don't even care if you are in junior high and want to use this as legitimate information for a research paper. Karl Rove is a bottom-feeding scum sucker. I assert executive privilege.

Oh that's enough about politics.

I was warm today for the first time in two months. I wore leggings under my long skirt which I'm sure looked goofy as hell, but it was 13 degrees with a subzero windchill so who cares. The lame weather folks keep promising temperatures above freezing but I think we're going to make it through January without doing that and many of us are heading south as a result.

Pfffththththth to the weather.

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