Sunday, December 28, 2008

yeah, well

Good intentions don't count for too much. I did about half the things on that list I wrote Friday. Where does the time go?

We decided to go to Canby Friday morning when the roads were clear, there was no bad weather predicted, and Mom wasn't busy. We had a good time going out for pizza, visiting Betty and Gary on their 50th wedding anniversary, and staying up late to visit. Regis got mom's computer put together and set up in the bedroom. We'll post the pictures of George later, Mom.

I put my menu and grocery list together for the coming week. We're going to the HyVee later this morning, before another Christmas gathering.

I have several Christmas injuries: grease burns on the backs of both hands, a knotty muscle injury on the palm of my right hand, and a muscle spasm in my back. What the hell. Is this from getting old or just from being weak? Weak minded, probably.

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Jill said...

I hear that Christmas injuries are more common in tough economic times, and you are living proof. Once the stock market goes back up and we're all worth millions again, no doubt you'll feel great. I know I will! Ha ha!