Saturday, December 13, 2008

oh what a day

I woke up early today and started cleaning and sorting and getting rid of junk. I have a huge pile of boxes by the door for the thrift store, a bag of clothes to take to a friend, and the house, all four rooms, are clean.

I even took down the wall of dubious achievements in the bathroom: the diploma from Sleep University, the twenty-five year plaque from the district, and the volunteer award for typing, and cleaned behind it. Not usually one to notice cleaning details, cobwebs for instance, I did a pretty good job today.

I was done by 2, I took a shower, and sat down to watch the 1973 version of Scrooge with Albert Finney. I took a nap in the middle but I loved it. It's a musical and some of the lines are a damn hoot. At the end, Alec Guiness who plays Jacob Marley, says that they had to put on more devils to make the chain for Ebenezer. I loved it and cried at the end.

The other day when I pulled the shower curtain aside to get in, a big daddy-long-legs was in the tub. I scooped him out gently with a towel and set him under the bench by the furnace vent. I hope he found another place to go. Spiders are fragile and you have to be careful with their legs when you rescue them.

We took Peter to Patrick's for a patty melt tonight. The Goveniaires had been out caroling at the nursing homes and came back to play some music for the diners. It was wonderful; lots of horns, singing, and Tamara dressed like Santa. It was a tear-jerker, let me tell you.

The problem with cleaning at this point, is that I will be a baracuda for the next two weeks; not wanting anyone to mess anything up. I scrubbed the mildew off the bathroom ceiling today and that, my friends, is not a job that anybody wants to repeat very often.

My foot nerve problem seems to have been resolved, in case you're concerned. I think it was one of those things that the more attention I paid to it, the worse it seemed. A guy's head is not always helpful in situations like this.

Regis and Amber went to Grand Rapids for the weekend. The weather, as it is wont to do, turned ugly, so they're on their way home right now, at 9 o'clock. Better to get while the getting is good.

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Anonymous said...

Now why haven't I thought of putting my 25 year plaque in the bathroom? I have one for my involvement with KIDS, the interactive tv system on which I taught Spanish, or something that occasionally sounded like Spanish. I've got a couple of other well-deserved plaques that I've contemplated using for trivets, but I like the bathroom idea better.