Thursday, December 25, 2008

no gumption

Poor Santa. He's tired, too. I woke up late (7:00) and did the dishes. I made a rudimentary attempt at cleaning up the Christmas litter but didn't get too far. I made a Christmas breakfast of fried klub, ham, and eggs. Peter said I should have chopped the ham up in the klub instead of serving it on the side. Hmmm. Wonder where he learned about klub cooking.

I decided that cleaning up from the fire would have to wait until tomorrow as I have a pulled muscle in my back and a nap was more important. Regis and I were mostly comatose for two hours and now we're up staring out the window.

Regis bought me four place settings of Fiestaware for Christmas in these four gorgeous colors: scarlet, tangerine, peacock, and evergreen. The little round cup in the front of the picture is peacock. The tall vase is tangerine and the big round one with the handle is scarlet. The cup on the far right is evergreen. They're really pretty together. I washed them this morning and can't wait to use them with my new wine glasses. You can see I'm not too interested in matching.

Yesterday a flock of starlings came to our feeder. There must have been 50 of them on the roof because they came in bunches and covered the flat feeder. Even when it was full of birds, more would fly over and just drop down onto the mass of birds. Very rude bird behavior. The finches wait in the tree or on the wires and take turns nicely. It's the only time we've seen them so they have gone on to terrorize someone else's bird feeder.

I hope nobody here is looking for another meal today because I'm done. We can have ham on nice homemade buns for dinner and maybe some leftover green bean casserole. If it sounds good; stop over.

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