Tuesday, December 30, 2008

maybe i'm bad luck

I head out to the car to go and meet Jill for lunch. I fall on the ice. I lay there for several minutes, stunned and amazed. My butt and my right wrist hurt. I limp back into the house to get my wrist brace, leaving my purse and Jill's present lying on the driveway. I get back to the VW and it won't start. Things could always be worse.

On a more positive note, Regis asked if any of these tests could be run before the new year starts. That's tomorrow. People went out of their way to get him into the clinic for tests this afternoon and tomorrow. That's wonderful.


Amanda said...

what is it about falling on ice like that that just knocks all sense out of a person? i remember that stunned and amazed feeling from when i fell on ice when we were living in boston. i'd successfully navigated the icy sidewalks all the way home from work, only to fall in front of our apartment (and break my tailbone. and have to WALK to the doctor). it was like all reality got knocked right out of me and i just laid there, unsure of how i got there or how i'd get up. good times.

Anonymous said...

I just came out of Daniels Health Center as I was there for thyroid blood work. I was doing the old lady shuffle and damn, if I didn't up-end myself in their parking lot. There was ice under the snow and down I went. I got up as quickly as I could, hauled myself into my car, and thought WTF! It happened so fast that I too was stunned. Needless to say my tailbone is quite sore. Might need the doxies to wait on me tonight.

On another note, my mother had a TIA many many years ago and had no long term consequences from it. It was scary when it happened.

Your St. Peter friend Deb