Monday, December 08, 2008

internet diagnosis

This is my second post of the night. Scroll down. And you thought I was going to a once-a-week post, Tom.

I diagnosed a case of shingles on the internet once. Today I diagnosed my recent foot problem as Morton's neuroma. That's it. I thought my feet were cold all the time but it turns out, on closer inspection, that they burn and tingle because my metatarsals are squishing my nerve. I'll probably go to the doctor to have this confirmed, but I've made it easier for them and should probably get a discount. I even know which non-invasive treatments we should try first: ice, anti-inflammatories, and rest.

It also turns out that the things I've been doing, massage and toe-curling, are helpful.

The warning for this movie said it contained violence and scary images. I guess so. So far, there's been shooting, a nuclear blast, rodents, giant bugs, and a lot of mummified folks. I've had to shut my eyes.

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