Tuesday, December 23, 2008

here it is

Uh boy. We were gone all day yesterday and I'm kind of out of gas today. I did a few things this morning...can't even remember what they were...then went to do some errands. I took coffee and a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream (or some knock-off) up to Kathy's house and visited for a while. Betty showed up. We gabbed and laughed and gabbed some more. Regis called and asked if I didn't have things to get done. Yup, but not doing them. Ella came for a couple hours. We played with tea cups and beans, read a book, played the piano, and visited. I asked if she was going to help when her brother comes. Hmmm, she said thoughtfully. Maybe not. The biggest present under the tree is for her and she can hardly stand it and can barely wait. We took a bell off the Christmas tree and read The Polar Express. We went to Patrick's for dinner, dropped a present off at Tom and Betty's, and now we're home. My hope is that if I have two hours to clean and cook tomorrow, I will be able to pull it off. Santa's coming, you know.

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