Thursday, December 11, 2008

a fool for a patient

I went to the clinic today to have my internet diagnosis confirmed. My doctor thought I was right, but probably not about the Morton's neuroma. She thinks I have irritated nerves and with time, I will be fine. She also didn't recommend the 500 dollar orthotic devices which is a relief since I'm too cheap to buy those anyway. Of course, I've probably spent 50 dollars on different 5 dollar devices that don't work.

I'm not really much further with the Christmas preparations. I tried to give some of the stuff away to Young Regis and Amber last night and they did take a few things off my hands but not nearly enough. Funny that my idea of preparation consists of getting rid of my decorations. I've bought two presents, I'm not planning any baking, and I haven't thought about cards. Ho ho ho.

I've been pitching things in the recycler at work, too. A guy can get easily overwhelmed by stuff and paper. I realized that I had made binders for things and then never filed a thing in them. A person who takes the time to file every piece of paper that comes across the desk has a different level of...let's call it concern...than I do.

I was standing in front of my bookshelves at work today and found (interesting word choice) two books that had been lost to me: Fear and Stories of One-Room School Teachers. If I've offered you one of these books recently, now they are available. I know how they "disappeared". When I moved from the big office to the little office last year, I had a couple kids help me. I wanted them to keep the books in the same general area of the new shelves as they had been in on the old shelves but they organized them by size. All the tall books together. All the tiny books together. Look out Library of Congress. Good grief.

A very young person subbed at our school today. As we were eating lunch, I noticed that not only was he the only male but he was by far the youngest person at the table. He had a cell phone thing in front of him and when someone asked him a question, the answer to which was a date, he picked up his phone and accessed a calendar. As we talked, we learned that he has a huge big screen television, big woofers, and a collection of 400 dvds. This is clearly a generational thing and it could possibly be a gender thing. We told him to buy as much of that stuff as he has an appetite for while he's single because generally (and risking sexism) women are not fans of huge televisions and big woofers.

As I was driving home about 4:15 today, it was starting to get dark already. I really wonder how people survived the dark and cold in the pioneer days. They must have been of hardier stock than I am, as we have a heated mattress pad and don't think we could live without it. No covered wagons and log cabins for me, thanks very much.

A woman I've worked with for the last couple years moved up to Minnesota from New Orleans after the hurricane. She has loathed winter and finally decided to move home. Today was her last day, she's packing tonight, and leaving in the morning. I had to call her today when I read the headline about the rare snow blanketing Louisiana. Don't throw your parka and mittens away at the border, LaQuetta!


Jill said...

Don't you think darkness settles upon us earlier now than when we were kids? Is it age, or global warming, I wonder.

Anonymous said...

I left a comment, but think I wiped it out. I would like to know Dr. Saum, about a rash I have in my arm pit. Do you think it comes from sleeping with George? I gave him a bath today so hope my pits improve also. Cousin Deb sent me an external hard drive. I think I will wait for the computer guy ( Regis ). I was able to do all of that stuff at one time, but I think my brain needs a rest.