Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Eve Menu

I've been working on the Christmas Eve menu for a while, deciding to go with the old standards this year. One year I made roasted winter vegetables instead of mashed potatoes and it was not a big hit, let me tell you. I wish I had a picture of the faces at the table as they gazed on rutabagas and turnips roasted with herbs in olive oil. Mine is not a family that appreciates new cuisine in their holiday meals.

We're trying to make an ice candle that looks like this. I've tried it before but it's easier when water freezes in about five minutes outside as it is doing this year. No need for the freezer. We used a bucket which may or may not work because of the sloped sides. Our next try is a five-gallon pail. I hear one of my neighbors down the street makes them and delivers them to people on the sly. It might be easier to just drive around town and borrow a couple.

Regis is expressing interest in pancakes. It's the cold weather...

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Anonymous said...

I believe, Teresa, that you should not show pictures of certain foods. That last mess did not look too great. No wonder no one wanted to eat it. I would have preferred mashed potatoes too.
Your candles are lovely however.
Watch the roads tomorrow. Judy just called; her kids had gotten stuck between here and Sioux Falls.