Friday, December 05, 2008

avoiding the blog

I was avoiding the blog this week. It might be because I am wallowing in the doldrums of winter (can a guy wallow in the doldrums?) or because I didn't like that busy wallpaper thing I had going on before. I was also still pouty about my widgets. Ah well, time to move on.

We had a bad cell phone experience today. Regis bought a phone online from some person in Alaska, the same town of which spawned the former candidate for VP who was recently in a gauche turkey slaughtering video. You know the one I mean. I thought that didn't bode well for the phone, but we marched merrily off to the phone store after work to activate it. When the young sprite who was helping us (after a 50 minute way over-stimulating wait) said that we would have to change our plan because this was a smart phone and there would be a data charge, we both looked at her dumbly. Well, I was really dumb...Regis was just surprised. This would have been a major increase in cell phone dollars so it was serendipitous that the dang thing didn't work. It's on it's way back to AK if the guy is worth his feedback.

I really don't know how people use those tiny keyboards on phones anyway. There was one that had keys so small they were completely illegible. To me anyway. I send about five text messages a month and most of them are of the nature of "ok" so I probably don't need a keyboard. Technology is rapidly passing me by. She says, ending a sentence with a preposition.

We went for dinner to the place down the strip mall from the phone store that has the huge round grill and you get to pick your own vegetables. (Avoiding google searches....) The food is very good and I love watching the grilling process but the ambience is a little OCB for my taste. What a snot I am. They do sell light beer in cans now so that's a plus.

I finished the book The Other Boleyn Girl. I loved it and could hardly put it down most nights. Great drama and lots of steam if you get my drift. Highly recommended. Now I'm reading a non-fiction book about a pediatric heart surgeon. It's the other end of the book continuum and my penance for the other book. Somebody gave us the book written by Monica Lewinski (google search be damned) once and I had fits about Regis carrying it back and forth to work in the car. What if he had an accident and someone found that book in the wreckage? I would be mortified. We liberated it at Patricks one night and it disappeared a few days later. Maybe used for kindling in a bonfire.

I looked at the price of televisions online today. What happened to those little portable televisions that cost about fifty dollars? Do you know you can hardly buy a tv for less than 400 bucks now? I almost fell off my chair... and deeply regretted the one I put for free on the curb last fall. And what's with this HD thing? I don't think I need a thousand dollar HD tv to watch reruns of Scrubs.

We haven't bought a tv for 9 years which might explain my ignorance. We have one tv, it's in the living room, and it's so heavy it takes two men and a boy to lift it. It's probably an antique.

Now that I've made myself sound like a complete rube, I'll move on.


tom said...

No Teresa you are not a RUBE, but you are a HOOT.

Anonymous said...

Do you have my copy of The Other Boleyn Girl? I got it from your 85 year old Aunt Jean when I was in Washington last year. She had read it and loved it also. She asked me if I liked sex? I thought she said Mex ( like Mexican food ). And of course I said , " I love it ", so she gave me the book. I enjoyed it very much even if it was not something to eat. Our prissy book club is reading it for the month of May.