Thursday, November 13, 2008

too many widgets

Interesting how the language has changed with the internet and technology. I wanted a widget on my blog but it was a little distracting to have all those moving things. I didn't feel right deleting the widget/little baby calendar thing so we're just moving it down the row. I couldn't stand all the busy-ness so I deleted all those other things, too...the slide show, the subscription, the followers. Too much stuff. Just too much stuff.

It was a "my head's-in-a-vise" day. Arrrghghgghgh. Bill the Cat. Stick your finger in a socket. Gloomy wet and cold.

Regis and I have discovered a new Schell's beer that we like. It's one of the draft series seasonal beers so apparently is not available in bottles. It's worth a trip to a pub to try it.

I guess the guy who told the story about the ballots riding around in the back seat of the car says now that he made that up...or was just kidding. I don't remember the details and apparently neither did he.

A very nice young woman just came to the door to talk about an issue that Regis and I both support. Bless her heart for knocking on doors on a cold November night in defense of something that's kind of a hot-button issue. I wouldn't want to do it but appreciate her doing it. What a country.

Last night my legs pained me behind the knees. I think it was from walking on the snow and slush the last couple days which makes you walk like a penguin, sort of an unnatural gait for a human.

A glass of wine and 30 Rock. Good way to end a Thursday night.

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