Sunday, November 30, 2008

sunday psychosis

There's nothing like the psychosis a guy gets on the Sunday night of a four-day weekend. Oh man. It was a great weekend and I dread the end of it like a snakebite.

Regis and I took Ella out for lunch on Friday. In the course of conversation we asked where Daddy was that day/ New Ul-um, she said, with the old German pronunciation. We exchanged a look, and asked again. New Ul-um. Wonder where she got that. She's a hoot.

Before we had lunch, we walked through a couple stores in St. Peter. No waiting in line at 4 a.m., no stampedes for electronic crap, no crowded parking lots. Ella bought an ornament for her mama and we bought a shield for our bread knife and a set of salt and pepper grinders at the new cooking store.

We woke up to snow this morning so I made the transition to Christmas music but that's it. No tree or decorations yet. I talked to a friend yesterday who said he has been doing the same outdoor light pattern for twenty years. What the hell. I can't remember from year to year if I even put lights outside and I'm quite sure I've never done the same things two times in a row. I don't have the DNA for patterned behavior apparently. It's my basically very random nature.

Regis spent the afternoon looking at new cell phones and gps units. This is when I think technology is passing me by at a rate that is too rapid to comprehend. He decided that he would like something that combined both but I don't think it's been invented yet. I had a cell phone that had a tiny disk for storing music and I never used it once. I'm not sure about the GPS thing because we never go anywhere and usually we know where we're going, like Canby. No need for a GPS to get there. I think I could drive it blindfolded.

On to the week.

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Anonymous said...

It's two days into the week. Almost three. How's it going so far? I'm wondering if you checked in to Rest Haven Care Facility after your enjoyable meeting the other day. Haven't heard from you since, and I'm worried.