Sunday, November 02, 2008

say good-bye to fall

Lehto and Wright. The music was great last night. We bought two more of their CDs; even with the austerity program and the bad economy, a guy could do worse than buying music. Some of the favorites from last night aren't on CD yet so that means we'll still be in the market. They did a version of Shenendoah that was absolutely like religion. When you find yourself getting goosebumps and wanting to open your mouth and just burst into song, that's a good, good sign.

I just figured out that I can add a youtube video in my post so you can see them. Some of my favorite songs: Handsome Johnny, Nancy Spain, and Waist Deep in the Big Muddy.

I know I've said this before but if you're from the Mankato area, the Bothy is the best venue ever. It costs 12 dollars to see great music like Lehto and Wright. No crowd, no drunks, no bad seats.

This was a picture perfect Minnesota fall day. The temperature got up to 70 degrees, which may not be a record but still helps shorten the winter. People were riding bikes in shorts and t-shirts. Regis and I raked, more for something to do outside than any sense of yard freakishness. You know our low standards in that department. Mostly we raked them from the driveway where they collect when the wind blows. They kind of muck up the snow blower if you don't clean them up from there.

I pulled up the last of the annuals and the poor, dead tomato plants. The mums are still thriving as you can see in the slideshow. Toward the end of the afternoon, Regis sat on the step and smoked a cigar and I sat in the chair and admired the day. They just don't come better than this.

The slideshow at the bottom of the post is courtesy of Regis. I can't take pictures worth a dang. I did boss him around a little about what to take, but the rest is his work. You'll notice that we have a lot of yard art and I'm particularly partial to frogs. They have such cute faces.

I had a brainstorm yesterday. One of the things that really makes cooking time and labor-intensive is the vegetable chopping. Today when we came home from the grocery store, I brought out my food processor and did the vegetables for the week: jalapenos, garlic, onions, mushrooms, carrots, celery; and put them in little bags. So when I come home tomorrow night to make chicken soup, the stuff is already sliced and ready to go. (The chicken is from a beer can chicken we did this summer and froze in a food saver bag. That was another great idea.) Damn, I think I could run a food operation.

Tom and Betty are going away for a few weeks, leaving us to keep an eye on things at their house. We'll miss them. I was thinking last night, that if they ever decide to move, which Tom says they might if the cops keep trying to arrest him for riding his electric bike, they'll have to sneak away in the dark of night and send an email later. I couldn't stand it. Good friends are the best of life.

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