Wednesday, November 05, 2008

post-election elation

We're done celebrating but we're still excited and hopeful. And tired. Midnight is much later than we're usually awake. We're going to be political junkies for a few more days then I have to go back to reruns of Seinfeld or something less stimulating.

My Obama button came in the mail from today. I'm going to leave it in the envelope and save it for the future along with my t-shirt and the yard sign. It's hard, really hard, to tell our kids how historic this election was; maybe our tears and our saving of mementoes helps.

I made an Italian vegetable pie tonight for dinner. Peter called to see if we'd eaten yet and of course, we were happy to feed him but there were tofu crumbles in the recipe. They taste like beef but this was going to be the true test. We made a pact not to tell him and he never suspected a thing. When he went back for seconds, I knew it was a success. Ta da. Quite an endorsement.

As a person who has struggled for a life-time with weight, I have an observation that I make with trepidation because I don't expect, certainly, for anyone to change their habits or behavior for me but as

I was going to make an observation about how available crappy food is but I don't know how to do it without sounding like a pompous ass and like I expect people to change their behavior for me. I don't. So I guess I won't because I can't.

It's like pulling words out of the bank tonight. Highway robbery for words. I have to stop.

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deb said...

Have you read In Defense of food? I'm not sure I liked it but.....BECAUSE crappy food is so readily available and CHEAP.....we all have weight issues. The last 30 years have been the worst in history. Again, crappy food.

Oh, I sound like a pompous ass. :(