Monday, November 03, 2008

if you don't have a cell phone: resist

This is a bluetooth jawbone. It costs 139 dollars at the phone store. You can read about it at the link but it says on the box that it's military-grade audio technology. You hook it over your ear and it senses words passing over your jawbone, hence the name. In case you want to visit with your friends in this fashion, here you go.

Tiffany's cell phone broke and this became my problem because she's on our plan. So Regis and I trod over to Mankato after work which is my least favorite thing to do after root canals. Dealing with cell phones comes next. Regis came along to run interference because the people who work at cell phone places talk too fast and try to convince you that you need things you don't like jawbone bluetooth things.

We accomplished the phone switch but when I came home I discovered the earnest young man who helped us had replaced the phone book on the wrong phone. Now I have phone numbers from last year on my phone and I have a flip phone that I don't really like. All the phones they have over there are tiny and complicated with itty bitty keyboards. I just want a phone with some heft that I can make calls on. I want a phone with a keyboard I can actually read. I don't want to email videos or put music on a disk the size of my little fingernail.

It's all very aggravating. A person doesn't keep a real address book anymore like we did in the old days so I won't even know who I want to call until I reach for the phone and don't have the number. Damn it all to hell.

When I was a kid we had one phone on the wall in the kitchen. Harrumph.

P.S. If I have ever called you on a cell phone, or sent you a text message (unlikely), email me your phone number.

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