Sunday, November 09, 2008

enchiladas, underdog wine, and E39s

I made up for yesterday's sloth with a busy day today. Mostly cleaning and not much cooking. Here's the weekend in pictures:

I discovered a new box wine. It's made by underdog wine merchants. You can check it out here. The tasting notes say this: The 2007 Pinot Grigio is a crisp and refreshing,
full-flavored wine, displaying mixed aromas of tropical fruit, grapefruit and apples with rich mineral notes on the finish. La dee da.

We stopped at Patrick's yesterday afternoon after a stimulating shopping trip to the grocery store. The place was full of people in red sweatshirts. Turned out to be people from Luverne who had been at a championship football game at Gustavus. They were having a great time yelling Oy Oy Oy and drinking beer. What a hoot. I'm glad I didn't have their long drive home.

We're watching Tom and Betty's house so we went up there this afternoon. When you have access to television, this is the kind of quality program we watch. We both loved Coach and laughed on the way home about several episodes that were especially good. Remember the one where the little dog who belongs to Dauber's girlfriend Judy's parents goes out the window of the hotel?

The other quality program we watched tonight was Parking Wars on A&E. It's the about the Philadelphia Parking Authority so you can imagine. Regis was really tickled by it but I wondered why they would make a tv show about this.

I made a chicken enchilada recipe from Cooking Light tonight. If it tastes good, it's something I'll make again. Very easy and not too many dirty dishes in the end.

Regis spent a couple hours this afternoon trying to fix a lamp that Jill graciously donated to the cause of children with no money of which we have two. He was poking his finger in the socket and wondering about this and that. He finally pulled the top thing off and zzzzzzzzttttt accompanied by a small wave of blue smoke. The dang thing was plugged in holy crap. We spent some time trying to find the larger light bulb it needed but he finally deterimined it's the cord that need to be replaced. I'm afraid we have a permanent lamp sculpture in the living room.

An interesting aside is that the larger bulbs are called mogul E39s. They were popular in funeral homes because the bottom half is painted, making the light soft at the bottom and ceiling-directed at the top. Oh, the things you learn on google.

You heard it here first.

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Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting we booby-trapped that lamp? I suppose it's possible... ha ha!