Tuesday, November 04, 2008

election night

We sat outside for a while tonight. Bob and Ella stopped over and we picked a bouquet of mums for the mum (Emily) then walked over to say hello to Julie and Waldo. Regis had a cigar on the front step; I had a glass of wine. It was a lovely fall afternoon.

All the leaves we raked on Sunday were sucked up by the city trucks today just as the birch tree in the front yard precipitously dropped the rest of its leaves. They're beautiful and it's fine. We have low standards for lawn care, remember.

It's hard to write a post tonight without talking about politics. We're glued to the screens, computer and television. It's the first election of the new century, after all, and an historic one. I've wept, shouted, shaken my fist, and threatened to go to the streets. It's very emotional. There are some powerful and eloquent things written on the internet and I'm always moved by words.

I have my finger on the reservation button on NWA/Delta and I'm outta here if this goes badly. I can't stand to live in a country that would do this. WTF.


deb said...

Oh, you..... finger on the reservation button???? Ha ha ha... I'm right there with you, though. I hear the tv drones voices rising already...

deb said...

PS ...Your flower slides are absolutely stunning. My favorite is the laughing frog in the leaves. Wish it were me.