Monday, November 10, 2008


I went to the eye doctor today and ordered a very hip pair of red glasses with bling on the right lens. Then the eye doctor told me that I have a cataract starting on my eye which he says he told me last year. What the hell. You'd think something like that would make enough of an impression that I would recall it for a year.

Kramer got a haircut today and it must have worn him out as he's been sleeping since he got home. I know he isn't dead because he wakes up once in a while to bark at someone going past on the street and he smells better than he did yesterday which would not be the case if he were dead.

I get a haircut tomorrow night. I have a book called Looking Fab at Fifty but I haven't had time to read it. Patrick will have to do his hair artistry thing without my input which he never gets anyway. I never look at the back of hair and barely look at the front. It's all up to him.

After my haircut we're going to Dino's with a gift card that Regis won for being such a fine customer service agent. One of his customers nominated him. A very nice thing. Dino's is a cool, cool pizzaria in the style of New York pizzarias. They don't have seats outside the pictures shows, at least not this time of year. It was colder than a well-diggers ass today, as my dad used to say.

New book luring me to bed...English Major by Jim Harrison. A book with a great sense of humor.

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