Saturday, November 08, 2008

before the old dog is dead

I'm better today which is what always happens when you think the worst has happened. Somehow over night, the worst seems less worse and you know you'll be fine. In my sleep, the continuum of perspective opened up and I saw that this is not a huge deal.

Regis and I are still sitting in our pajamas at 9:30, not typical for us on Saturday morning. It looks cold and windy outside. Some things we have thought of doing: shopping for birdseed, buying groceries, putting the Halloween stuff away, cleaning the bathroom. None of it seems very appealing right now I guess we'll continue to sit and look out the windows.

We went to check on Tom and Betty's house last night and one of their neighbors had their Christmas tree up already. Rushing the season a little. I don't even like to see that in the stores yet. I avert my eyes from the Christmas retail.

Ok, onward into Saturday. Swords drawn, battle cry resounding. Yee haw. Slowly, slowly she moves to the kitchen.

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