Sunday, November 16, 2008

5:20 and pitch dark

This is what I don't like about fall. It's 5:20 and it's pitch dark. Peter came home about 20 minutes ago and I swear I could see across the street. Now it's very dark and I feel like I should go to bed but it's way too early.

I quit in the middle of my post and strung chili pepper party lights up in the living room and over the patio door. A guy has to get light wherever possible in these dark months. Regis made a comment under his breath...something about a bordello but I think he was kidding. I looked online for turkey party lights but apparently they are not a big decorating item with the fashionable set. If people only knew how nice lights are in the winter, they'd be stringing them everywhere. And not just for Christmas.

I was busy all day today: paying bills, sorting through paper, cleaning off my desk, getting things ready to mail. It's a good feeling to have that crap organized and I wish I could do it all the time. But I don't wish it enough to do it all the time. I made beef and barley soup today, too, which made the house smell great.

Reggie came for dinner because his bride is up North in Grand Rapids with her grandma who is very ill. He and his dad are trying to reassemble the lamp that has been sitting in the living room for a week. This requires man-tools and flashlights so they're having fun.

Betty made sticky buns yesterday that were sinfully good. She named off the ingredients: butter, sugar, cream, butter, butter, butter. Call the cardiac unit.

We exchanged names this year instead of everyone trying to buy for everyone. Bob, always thinking of ways to use technology, put the list on the web with links to places to buy the stuff. Here it is: We're a 21st Century family! I think we'll do a blog Christmas card this year.

It was such a nice weekend: a little sunshine, some time with friends, a few projects done, a nap on the couch yesterday afternoon, a good book finished. The wild horses should be here about 5:45 a.m. to drag my sorry ass to work tomorrow.

The lamp is assembled and operational!


Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa,
I love how Bob organized the family wish lists. Tanner is in charge of the Potts/Dellon/Grimmius gift swap this year -- I'll tell him to get with the times and fire up a website.

And look at those sticky buns! Are they the real thing, or a photo you found online? Mmmmm. Post the recipe some time.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to respond about Bob's helpful website, too. Annie beat me to it by four days, I'm sure.
Gees, if she learns how to make sticky buns, I'm sunk. I'll have to visit every weekend on the pretense of seeing Miles.