Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Regis works out of our house for you-know-who. The really rich guy. Some technology dude came over last week and hooked up a new phone system that will allow them to see his computer when he's working. One could speculate about why they might want to do that but we'll leave that for another discussion.

I have several issues with this deal. The dude comes into our house, makes a comment about my bumper sticker, and says he almost left. That's my first issue. The AH making comments about my politics when he pulls into the driveway of my house.

Well, apparently he should have backed out and gone back the way he came from, because nothing has worked right since he left. When Regis has his GT phone plugged in, nobody can use the wireless router. There's an IT plan for you. Do these people just stop at BB and buy something, then come to your house and plug it in???? Send me an email if you want to know what the acronyms mean; you know how I worry about google searches.

I made pizza for dinner. Whole wheat crust, homemade sauce, and chopped up by my own hands toppings. It was very good.

I worked so hard this week that I have a bad attack of carpal tunnel syndrome which I think might result in early retirement. Unless we win the lottery tonight. I can also plead a bad sinus headache. The two of these ailments ought to qualify me for an early Rule of 90. Eh?

The liquor store in our neighborhood is remodeling and frankly, we're fascinated. Tonight we learned that they are indeed moving the coolers. The young blond clerk said the cooler installation company will come in and "pivot" the old ones and then install the new ones. She didn't want to come to work on Sunday but we said we'd come just to see it. This project has been our biggest excitement this fall.

I suppose I'm making us sound like drunken gamblers which is not true, Mom. Don't worry.

Miles, they had an inch of snow in Canby today. If you still fit into that Patagonia snow suit, I would dig it out of the cedar chest and have it at the ready. You might need it soon.


Anonymous said...

Dear Teresa,
No more Patagonia snow suit for me. I think I outgrew that thing last June. Fortunately it's been replaced with a Columbia jacket AND matching snow pants that are really more like overalls. I'm a lucky boy!
The snow can fall on Otown any time. This baby is ready.

Does your mom have a Columbia jacket with matching snow pants? If not, let me know - I can show her where to shop. Seems to me Canby is in for a white winter!

Anonymous said...

Miles, this your Great Grandma Saum in Canby. The snow is all gone so we are now planting flowers. No, I don't have any snowpants. BooHoo.
Are you going to dress up for Halloween? I think I will go as Sara Palin...

Anonymous said...

I love the exchange between Miles and your mom. It's nice to have her in on the weather reports for Miles. Check out Annie's blog for a cute video of Miles saying "baby".

Is it legal for the Rich Guy to wire up the computer and see what Regis is doing when he works? Why can't Regis get the job of watching what other people are doing on their computers via his computer? He'd be a good spy. I understood all the acronyms. I'd say Regis has to deal with a lot of BS.