Sunday, October 12, 2008

too warm for October

I think it was in the high 70s today. That's too warm for this time of year. Regis says tomorrow will bring a cold, drenching rain. I bet I won't like that either.

We were at Tom and Betty's last night to see Michelle, and for great cooking, as usual. Tom made bistro chicken and a salad with candied pecans, pears, and shallots on greens. It was delicious. As usual.

I made chili and corn muffins today from an old issue of Cooking Light. Peter even liked it and he's turned up his nose at a lot of my cooking lately. The black bean and zucchini enchiladas the other day didn't tempt him for a second.

We started the day with a long walk and that was the most relaxing part of the day. We came home to start the laundry and clean. I put out some Halloween decorations, filled the bird feeders, exchanged the summer candles for fall scents, and sucked or wiped up the dust of at least a couple months. I used to tell my kids when they were little that they could write their names in the dust but not the year.

We're doing the last barbecue of the season next weekend and our old friends Jane and Dick are coming from Iowa. Regis is cooking up ribs, brisket, and a bunch of hot dogs. Tom said he'd bring beer can chicken. There should be a good variety of chow but it sounds like the weather won't be conducive to sitting outside. Ah well, this time of year, we open up the porch, use a little electric heater when the sun goes down, and it's very cozy.

Speaking of sitting, we made the winter commitment today and put our favorite lawn chairs on the shelf in the garage. It's almost like getting the snow blower tuned up....a sign of the season's change. Reggie calls my abandonment of sandals in the fall "making the shoe commitment". Ha!

I went through my shoes today and tried to be realistic about what I would wear and what I wouldn't. A whole bag ended up the car for the thrift store along with several boxes of junk and stuff. We're both pack rats and it's a constant battle to keep down the level of flotsam and jetsam. We just have too much stuff.

Well, it's a short week. Let's hear it for mental health.

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