Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Regis and I are having a glass of gewurtztrameiner tonight to celebrate $3.09 gallon of gas.

It rained here most of the day. Nice gentle rain.

Rich and Kim had a baby boy Sunday: Jens Jameson. Nice name. After an Irish whiskey, I think.

Larry Butler's brother Sonny died Sunday. That's the circle of life. Jens comes in and Sonny goes out. A happy life to Jens and sweet passage to Sonny.

Regis and Young Regis got the trees trimmed and some of the leaves raked this weekend. Bless their hearts.

I can't do a damn thing without weeping. I called my mom this afternoon to tell her thanks for giving me a good start in life and I could hardly talk for weeping. Maybe it's genetic but it's frustrating.

We're going to watch the debate. I love Tom Brokaw but I miss Tim Russert. Interesting town hall format. Uncommitted voters? How the hell can a voter be uncommitted? This just makes my head hurt.

Regis took the dog for a walk. He's a devoted walker and Kramer appreciates it. I wear my pedometer and try to add a few steps here and there but by this time at night, I'm whooped.

That's all for tonight.

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