Monday, October 13, 2008

opus retires and world suck grows

I'm a slow processor. I read last week that Opus was retiring and it's only now sinking in. I love Opus and Bill the Cat. The article said something about Berk Breathed being afraid that Opus couldn't be civilized in these harsh political times and I can certainly understand that; my kind and gentle mother gets absolutely irate, in a good way, when we discuss politics. Regis made her an Obama t-shirt and she wears it proudly to her Sunday night card club. (Poetic license, Mom. It makes a better story.)

Wing nuts and pitchfork wavers. Really, where did they find that woman? I thought Wasilla was a yeast infection. I'm not above stealing a good line.

I was thinking on my way home about writing, as I know I haven't been doing so much of it lately. Or maybe it's that I've been turning out more crap than interesting stuff. Sometimes these really good thoughts and stories go through my mind but I don't have access to writing material. In the car, for example. I think a person needs either a lot of angst or a lot of time for vacuous speculation and observation. Yeah, that's it. This sounded better in my head, too.

Regis has been religious about walking since his surgery. He takes the dog with him on every walk and sometimes does 4 miles in a day. I think he's wearing the poor dog out. I told him we have a pretty old dog to be dragging his furry ass all over town. Ha.

I tried to install some software on my desktop computer after school. I bought the computer a year ago and I have Vista on it. Usually I don't mind Vista but sometimes it's a pain in the ass. Like today. Regis had to bail me out before I blew a cork. Now, when I use Firefox, it won't play sound on Youtube. Grrrrrrr.

I wanted to watch a clip of Fawlty Towers which is a damn hoot. I saw it for the first time at Tom and Betty's the other night. Now I want to watch the whole series. Manuel is too funny.

Tiffany called today and she's having some trouble and might have to be "off her feet" for the rest of her pregnancy. She has another ultrasound tomorrow and will talk to the doctor after that to see what she recommends and what exactly "off your feet" means. Tiff said she didn't mention bed rest so we hope it isn't that serious.

Off to bed. More news tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Once again I need to catch up on your blog entries. I love this one, except for the part about Tiffany, which is a cause for concern.

Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa,
I hope Tiffany is doing better. I was on "house arrest" for the final 6 weeks of my pregnancy. I had to stick close to home (or my parents' house)...couldn't go to work or other places that caused me stress, but I was by no means confined to my bed. It was the best prescription I've ever gotten from a doctor. BUT, I can understand that Tiffany probably wants to carry on with life as normal as possible for a while, that being said, I hope she had a good visit with the doctor and is feeling better.
Miles is sending her baby good vibes :)