Thursday, October 02, 2008

heading into the dakotas tomorrow

You won't be hearing from me for a few days. Tomorrow morning, Joan (sister-in-law from St. Paul), is coming to St. Peter on the Land to Air. We'll get in the VW and head to Canby which is so close to the South Dakota border you can almost spit across the line. Well, at least you can drive across and get a pizza. We'll stay overnight with Mom and celebrate both our birthdays, then go on to Fargo the next day for Nicole and Jason's wedding. Sunday, Mom and I will head back to Canby and I'll come back to St. Peter eventually. It's a long haul for a person like me who dislikes travel. All of it sounds like fun but the miles on the road.

Regis and I are getting liquored up so we can stomach the VP debate. Hahaha! No we're not. But maybe we should. I'm not saying all of those folks haven't said stupid things in the last few months and I'm sure, in a similar situation, I would babble like an idiot. But. My absolute favorite Sarah Palin moment was when Katie Couric asked her what books and magazines she likes to read to be informed. She said she's read everything put in front of her. What? THAT'S A DODGE if I ever heard one. Hahaha. She probably didn't want to say The Moose Journal.

I better get to the suitcase packing so I'm ready to go tomorrow. See you when I get back!

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Anonymous said...

I do not believe I can watch the debates. I am afraid poor Biden will put his foot in his mouth and poor Sarah will give another beauty queen speech. I think I will read my Jon Hassler book about Agatha Mcgee in the senior citizen's apartment building. Much more entertaining.