Friday, October 10, 2008


We celebrated Friday at our favorite watering hole with a world famous patty melt and an oktoberfest. Or two. It was fun but now I'm really tired and it's only 6:30. Too early, obviously, to go to bed.

Between the two late Mondays in the past two weeks and the 750 miles last weekend, it was a killer start to October. I feel like I haven't really appreciated fall yet as there aren't enough trees in South Dakota to merit a look at any fall leaves. This is a short week, thanks to the traditional MEA vacation of which I have never partaken, avoiding a preposition at the end of a sentence, Paul. I just can't give up a long weekend in October.

Mom sent a story about a wire haired fox terrier eating a dozen yeast rolls and Regis is laughing so hard he's crying.

I looked at Nicole's wedding pictures online today and they were so pretty I cried again. I'm so glad I drove to Fargo to be there. It was just a lovely weekend altogether.

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