Sunday, September 07, 2008

unvoiced linguolabial trill

That's a raspberry. My old college friend called it the Sunday psychosis. Seeing amoebas. I've written about it before.

We went to Dangerfield's for brunch today. Nice view of the river and lots of ducks. Too bad that boo-fay food looked so good.

We went down to the park to hear Lehto & Wright. Great band but not my favorite venue. Too many kids riding bikes across the stage.

Tom rode his electric bike down to the park yesterday. He was stopped by the local Barney Fife who said his bike isn't street legal in St. Peter because it doesn't have an internal combustion engine. He wasn't driving in the car lane but along the curb where you would ride a bicycle and he wasn't on a major highway but on a back street on his way to the park. With that logic, you couldn't drive a motorized wheelchair in St. Peter which, of course, people do all the time. We encouraged him to take it to the Supreme Court of Nicollet County and Regis said he'd take a day off work to see it.

We're watching The Big Lebowski which has become, I guess, a cult classic. I read in the Rolling Stone that people yell lines from the movie at the actors when they see them on the street. There are a lot of very strange characters and the lines are good if you aren't offended by the f word. I wouldn't watch it while your kids are in the house. Those Coen brothers are crazy.

Regis just checked our lottery tickets. We don't buy them all the time, only when we're desperate to quit working and lie on a beach somewhere. We didn't win so it's back to work tomorrow. Crap. I don't care much for casinos and have only been in about three in my life. They're too stimulating....loud clanging and such. But a nice quiet lottery ticket is a risk I'll take.

Regis has to start paying for his own damn phone so he can do his job at home. Incredibly cheap ass of his company, I think. So, the choice is to pay 20 dollars a month for a phone and 69 dollars a month for internet for a total of 89 dollars or 90 dollars a month and they throw got it...cable damn television. Guess we're getting tv again. We can stop devolving.

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Anonymous said...

Do the peopel who work in the company cubicles have to pay for their phones????