Monday, September 01, 2008

Two goals for Labor Day

Hope you are enjoying Labor Day and remembering the reason for it. It's not just the last holiday before school starts! Check out this web page for Eugene Debs, union leader and social activist. In organized labor there is enduring respect for Debs as one of the giants among the pioneers of the American labor movement. His kiosk stands in the Labor Hall of Fame, Department of Labor, Washington, DC as a tribute to his contributions to American labor.
  • “Intelligent discontent is the mainspring of civilization. Progress is born of agitation. It is agitation or stagnation.”
For most of the day, I plan to sit in a lawn chair and enjoy the warm, fall weather, but there are two things I mean to get done today: pack up some clothes for the folks who come around and collect them on Thursday since I have a hellish mess in the bedroom and some of that crap has got to go....and the other thing I planned to do was go for a bike ride and we already did that. Hurray for goal setting. Ha!

We've got some great steaks to cook on the grill tonight, too. So long until later. Enjoy the day. Here's to agitation!

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