Friday, September 26, 2008

a peanut that looks like the virgin mary

On the porch last night I had a bowl of peanuts and a glass of wine (the dinner I made was awful) and I found a peanut that looks like the Virgin Mary. I took it to school today and showed it to lots of people, who, to a person. said, "It looks like the Virgin Mary! You should put it on eBay!" Pictures will be posted tomorrow.There are two VM peanuts on eBay already but neither looks as much like the VM as mine does. Pictures will be posted tomorrow.

The dinner I made last night was something called hot and sour soup. Ick. It sounded like a good idea but the result was nasty. I don't like the taste of toasted sesame oil and that was overwhelming. Not much substance either. Tonight we had a homemade marinara and whole wheat pasta. Much better.

Last night I went back and read a lot of my old blog posts. I was a lot funnier a few years ago and I wonder why. Maybe I'm out of snappy observations about our imperfect lives. Maybe I was funnier when I got less sleep at night and therefore, was a little loopier all the time. Hard to say.

We have the debate on our newly connected cable and the bullshit vapors are so bad in the house that Regis closed the windows and turned on the air conditioner. There just wasn't enough of a breeze to move the foul air through. If you know what I mean. And don't bother leaving comments about another point of view. Ha! I like the opinion that I have!

I tried to follow a baseball game but I have to admit, my mind wanders. When I think I have finally stumbled onto some profound truth, like striking the batter out would be a good idea right about now, it turns out not to be so profound after all.

Regis and I are teaching the safe driving for the elderly class tomorrow. See you later in the day.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Teresa, PLEASE, I think you had more wine than is good for you. Tell me, was this the peanut shell or the peanut that looked like the Virgin Mary? Please refrain from drinking wine tonight and post the picture of the peanut.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Mr. Peanut and the BVM would make a cute couple?

Dang, I want to take that driving course. When are you doing it next? If I take it, will you please not use the phrase "for the elderly" when you describe it? Thanks! haha

Anonymous said...

I just finished the driving course for the "elderly" and it was very pleasant! Thanks! And no one there was really that old!

Anonymous said...

So, what is the matter with being old? I'm old and so will you be someday if you are lucky.