Wednesday, September 03, 2008

no betty

The formatting is all screwed up tonight so make sure your window is big enough to accommodate the ends of my
well-crafted sentences.

My Cousin Deb called her Grandma Grace to tell her she was getting married. Grandma Grace said, "No, Betty!"

Betty McGraw said she thought that Fletcher had been mildly diabetic all his life. Tom said, "Whatever, Betty!"

When I thought of these two conversations last night just as I was going to sleep, there seemed to be a connection
to the selection of Sarah Palin as VP candidate. Today I can't remember what that was.

Tom sent me a great political rant by email today and I asked his permission to publish it. If he tells me I can
and I do, no comments please. I think it's great, of course, because I agree with him. If he was one of the White
People's Party as he calls it, I would have hit delete. I'm not too interested in reading opposing views.

I had a stressful day at school so I had a glass of wine in the lawn chair when I got home. Son Regis came to help
change the headlight in the VW. By the way, I heard on the radio that someone in TX was caught driving 120 mph
in a VW Beetle on a freeway. The announcer was surprised a VW would go that fast. I'm not surprised.

So I had a glass of wine. Regis stops. I have a little more liquid loudmouth and pretty soon I'm talking smart and
offering to buy dinner at the bar. I had about 8 thousand calories of fat and I could be sick for the next four days.
Oh, the price of pleasure. It was a fat orgy.

I don't have a book to read tonight. I have a couple on the table to return to friends and I just finished one by an
author I usually like. (Bel Canto) This book was bland and tedious. I skipped a lot. I might have to read one of Jim
Harrison's books again.

I figured out today (on the calculator) that I have been teaching for 30 years in Minnesota. Thirty years plus my age
(almost 56) which make a total of 86. In Minnesota, we have the Rule of 90 which means you can retire when your age
and experience equal 90. If you can afford your damn health insurance that is. So, if I could afford health insurance,
I could retire in 2 years. And then I could work at Fleet Farm for 8 dollars an hour.


Anonymous said...

That sounds pretty good to me. Why don't you work at MenRNerds and help the women who come in and just want to buy what they need and get out of there. You could run the express lane for women only.

Unknown said...

Hi. Interesting blog entry...I'd love to hear more about the first two stories!

So if you are almost 56 and you've taught for 30 years and that equals 86, and you add two more years of work for a total of 88, where are the other two years?

deb said...

omg, T. You and your math. You're almost as bad as me.

I love the No, Betty story and use it whenever I want to impress people with how little my grandmother bothered with me.....but remember the real funny part of that story is that my mother FIRST talked to Grandma Grace and said "it's been a bad day, the dog died and debbie wants to get married".... not that's funny, ain't it Betty?