Thursday, September 11, 2008


Regis and I made a marinara recipe from the Cook's Illustrated magazine for dinner. It was messy and made a lot of dirty dishes but it sure was good. No meat either as we're trying to eat less meat. I even looked at tofu (ack) recipes on the web tonight. Maybe if I try to have a better attitude about it...

As we were eating on the porch, a little rain shower came through. I ached like hell today and maybe that's the reason. I don't think it's usually connected to the weather but you never know. Damn achy joints.

I forgot to tell a good story. When we were on our way home Sunday from the brunch buffet at Dangerfield's, Tom wanted to take the scenic route through Carver. It really is beautiful and if you've never been off 169, you'll be amazed at the hills and trees back there. So as we're coming into Carver, we see a big sign: Steamboat Days; and suddenly we are the tail end of a parade. Hundreds of people carrying lawn chairs and small children, hay wagons full of bales, dudes on dune buggies you couldn't see over the front of the car, and all manner of weird Americana. The streets are narrow in Carver and there was no getting around them and out of the way so we just putzed along patiently behind. Good thing we weren't two minutes ahead or we would have been part of the parade. It was fun and a good end to the day.

Tomorrow's Friday. Hurray. (And television comes back to the Fritsch-Saum house. I swear the only news I'm watching is John Stewart. Did I say that before? You start watching that stuff and pretty soon you got a white Bronco and a slow motion freeway chase. Who needs that BS in their life?)


Anonymous said...

Miles will enjoy reading that you were almost in a parade. He's an avid parade-goer, and in fact is watching one today at Turkey Days in Worthington.

Anonymous said...

You were almost in a parade??? WOW! You are a lucky girl, Teresa!
I watched a parade for 2 hours and 15 minutes today. My mommy says I'm a good parade watcher and that maybe some day I'll get to ride on a float or march with the boy scouts. Do you think I could just hitch a ride with you and Tom the Driver? That might be easier. But if we throw tootsie rolls to the kids, I'll have to tuck some away in my pocket. Just a heads up.