Tuesday, September 16, 2008

long time no blog

>I don’t know what I’ve been busy doing. Not writing, I guess. I miss it.

This is a picture of our other grandchild, Tiffany’s baby, due to arrive February 26th. Ella’s sibling (Bob and Emily's baby) is scheduled to arrive the same day but I’m not worried, knowing how baby arrivals go. I’m hoping at least one of them will look like me.

I think it’s cool that expectant parents get to see their babies so early. I didn’t have an ultrasound until Peter was on his way and it was because they thought he was coming wrong-end first. I don’t think anyone thought to show it to me, at least I don’t have a copy of it. This may have been back in the days before ultrasounds were printable.

Anyone who communicates with us by email will be dismayed to learn (that may be giving it a little more importance than is due) that we’re switching internet providers again. I won’t go into the gory details but you will be getting a new email address from one or both of us soon. It’s a horrible job to switch email addresses; like switching phone numbers. My mom has the same phone number she had when she moved to Canby. That’s the way it should be.

Regis and I have been trying to get some exercise. He’s worked harder on it than I have, to be honest. I like bike riding but I have an aversion to walking when he takes the dog. In the last week, Kramer has gotten into a fight with a pit bull, eaten a baby bird, and stuck his head through the fence where a nasty Schnauzer lives. (Do I need that kind of stimulation? I don’t think it’s fair that reading doesn’t count as exercise.) Kramer does not back down from a fight and he made that pit bull cry like a baby. Latching onto the lip is his favorite strategy; it works on dogs of all sizes.

We watched Ella all day Saturday and she was very entertaining. Being ultra-liberal grandparents, we have been indoctrinating her into the ways of the DFL as you can see in this clip. (I'm sending Regis to film-making school so he learns how to edit out messy cupboards behind cute little kids.)

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