Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday night

The two Regises have arrived in Pennsylvania. They left last night just before 8:00 and arrived in Sunbury this afternoon about 4:00. I looked at the map and the roads there go all over the place. I imagine there must be elevational situations in between the crookedy roads or they would have their roads laid out in grid fashion like we do in southern Minnesota. Regis said his brother only bought the place he did because he couldn't find anything more remote in western PA. Then he said something about the blankety blank street signs being hidden by tree foliage.

They have about three hours to get to Philadelphia tomorrow but at least they'll be fresh. Well, it will be three hours to get to the city and about a hundred hours to get where they're going after that. Cities go on and on and on and never end on the east coast.

I wasn't fond of that trait of the parts of Pennsylvania that I visited. The trees come right up to the road and obscure your view of the sky. It's a little creepy and it would be easy for someone to sneak up on you there.

Kramer and I have been exceptionally lazy tonight. We've almost had to arm (and paw) wrestle for the couch. There isn't much more on television than there was two years ago when we gave it the boot. I've watched re-runs of Cheers and Law & Order and my favorite news program...The Daily Show. Pitiful. Tony Blair was the guest but he was pretty diplomatic rather than being provocative. That guy must know some good dirt; he should just give it up. I suppose that wouldn't go over big with the folks at Yale who are giving him big bucks to teach a class.

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