Monday, September 01, 2008

end o' the weekend

Regis decided we should take a trip to MenRNerds this morning. I don't even remember what the mission was...oh yeah...a swag lamp for over the table. It's gotten dark earlier and it's a little tough to eat when you need to see your plate so it was a necessary trip. We went to Lowe's first which was fine except the guy acted like I was from another planet when I asked about swag lamps. Apparently they are not fashionable anymore. Uh huh. Like Mr. Ponytail would know.

We bought a few things at Lowe's then went to my favorite dork hangout MenRNerds. They must not have known the temperature was close to 90 because they had the heat on, I swear. I was so hot and so cranky by the time we left that I butted in line in front of some old people and didn't even feel bad about it. I just had to get the hell out of there. Regis, in true man fashion, wanted to browse in the lightbulb section. Holy crap. Between the sun beating in the front windows and all the heat from the lights and lamps; it was enough to make you insane.

What, really, do men find so fascinating about nuts and bolts? I am on a mission when I go in there. I can't find the stuff I want fast enough. I ask one person, I ask another, I ask a third; I just want to know where the damn ceiling hooks are so I can leave. All the men I see are just plodding along and looking at the shit like it was just invented and they can't believe it. Oooooh look....a wratchet thing. A clevis pin. A locking washer. What the hell.

We're watching one of the Bourne movies which are all like a blur of noise and bright lights and action. It must be what being on some bad drugs in a big city where you don't speak the language must be like. Hey, that's usually a part of the plot. I haven't watched much of it but at least I don't have to peak through my fingers to avoid the blooody gore. I read the books and they're all the same. The secret agents are so dumb I think I could be one. In one book, a secret agent and some friend of his met up in a Swiss chalet (they like those as settings...) and, in the middle of the night, they sat in front of a brightly lit window. And what do you know....somebody shot at them. That was it for me. Stupid book. A middle aged school teacher knows better than that.

Gustav is weakening and the republicans have lost their excuse for a lame ass convention. Hahahaha. Sorry.

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Anonymous said...

I'm trying to catch up with my blog reading, Teresa. I missed the last several of yours, and I can't figure it out since I swear I checked yesterday. I guess not. Okay, I'm caught up, but now it's Wednesday and you're two days behind. Must be the effects of school. I can barely move right now after only two days of classes. And there are two more days to go before the week is over.