Friday, September 05, 2008

a couple o' things

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Deb sent this funny video. I don't know it cracks me up. I'm glad to see Mr. Butler has recovered so well from his surgery and is able to dance like a fiend.

Deb reminded me of an addition to the story about Grandma Grace. Her mom had called Grace earlier and said, "It as a bad day. The dog died and Deb wants to get married."

I just have one more comment. The price of men's underwear is outrageous. We bought some for Regis at Kohl's last night. Twenty four dollars for four pair. I said for that price a guy better learn to go commando.

Re: the math in the post below. The math is right, for once. I get one year of credit toward retirement from TRA for each year that I work. So a total of 86 years means I work 2 and have 2 years credit, making a total of 90. 86 + 4= 90 Ta da! I can add with a calculator. Sheesh.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I am going to learn how to send a Jib Jab. I always wanted to be able to dance like Deb and Larry!!!
They have been taking ball room dancing for a lot of years and they are realy good.
Maybe Deb could be McCains' V.P.
She would add a lot to Washington.


deb said...

Yes, I would add a lot to Washington. I would attend those senate meetings, too, where everyone is pontificating to the Cspan camera and no one else is in the room. Did you watch The Daily Show this week? OMG. They had a clip of McCain's speech next to a clip of George Bush's 2008 speech......eery how the promises are always the same.

I guess that's politics for ya.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Teresa...I missed the two years credit part. No more jibjabs about your math computation. 20 lashes with a wet noodle, as Ann L. used to say.
Pray for a good contract with fully paid insurance between retirement and Medicare...I know, I know...when Hell freezes over!