Tuesday, September 23, 2008

commercials endless

I have watched some junk television in the absence of my husband this weekend. I have a feeling that the length of programs has decreased and the frequency of commercials has increased. Even if I cruise channels, there are always commercials. I'm starting to think that I pay money so they can pipe their propaganda about laundry soap and allergy medication into my house.

We had a brief but violent storm this afternoon. I watched it on the radar and it was almost the length of the state but very narrow and it moved through in about fifteen minutes. I was scared and almost went to the basement but by the time I shut the front door and called the dog, the worst of it was over. My neighbor lost a big ash tree in his front yard; it split right down the middle. I've never seen a tree struck by lightning but there was a black spot on the bare wood up at the top, where it split.

The Regises are in Ohio, having left Pennsylvania about noon. Their ETA is late morning tomorrow. The two city boys were enormously weary of the traffic and the rude drivers in Philadelphia. Can you believe it? They think a traffic jam is two people at a stop sign now. I remember when we were out there a few years ago and Regis pointed to a broken down car along the road. He said in a few days it would be stripped of radio, seats, wheels...and set up on cement blocks. Holy cow.

Regis took a pass on the healthy eating when they hit the first WaWa on the way in....I think he smelled the soft pretzels and it was all over. They're hauling back a gianelli or a giaconni. I think it's a stuffed pizza crust, or something like that. I can't remember. Bob? This is a picture of a cheesesteak from Pat's. It's worth a look. I love the way they sell food on the streets in Philadelphia. You line up at a window on the street and buy food. Weird but really good.

That line of storms that moved through here is headed across Wisconsin. If it doesn't break up over night, it could cause some trouble for the men on the highway. I told Regis to pull over if it gets bad and he laughed and said of course they would. Oh hell.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa,
The storm ran out of steam by the time it reached my house. It was still wild, but nothing that would send you (or my mommy) to the basement. I was kind of disappointed, but figure I'll get my share of bad storms in the future. Heck, I'm only 10 months old!
I hope they don't bring in loud chainsaws and trucks and other such equipment to haul your neighbors tree away. But if they do...blog it!