Sunday, August 31, 2008


We had a great time at Tom and Betty's house last night, as always. There were some classic and unforgettable lines and more than a few laughs. They have such a comfortable house for gatherings and they're such good hosts and good friends.

It was a busy day at the ranch. We went for a long bike ride this morning and since I was the commander on this jaunt, I chose to go down Front Street to 99 and try the path under the bridge. Turns out it isn't really a bike path at all, at least not one that goes anywhere. It makes a big loop on the south side of the road and you come right back out by the frisbee golf course. It's like a maintenance road or something. I felt like I'd been ripped off.

Tiffany came down from the metro about 12 so we had two kids here for lunch. Regis cooked burgers and ribs on the new grill and we had some sweet corn from Anderson's truck farm. Tiff went home about 3, Peter went to work, and I took a twenty minute nap on the porch.

I made a delicious vegetable gratin recipe that I found in Cook's Illustrated. It was really putzy and I thought I'd never make it again, but it was so good that I might. The extra steps help release the moisture from the vegetables so you don't end up with a dish full of liquid. It had layers of tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, and carmelized onions, topped with bread crumbs, parmesan cheese and thyme oil.

Tom showed up on his bike at some point this afternoon for a beer and a rib. He said he was making the rounds dropping things off. He took some vegetable gratin home in the basket of his bike.

Joanne came for a glass of wine and dinner. Her baby went off to college today and she was at risk of being sad. We sat outside for a while and got a little loopy from one glass of wine. The picnic bugs must have liked the wine, too, because we almost had to take drastic measures to keep them out of it.

Regis made shrimp and salmon on the grill for dinner so it was a big grill day here. The salmon was delicious. Nothing fancy, just cooked on a maple plank. No marinade, no rub, that's it. Just salmon.

I love the sounds of late summer....cicadeas, crickets, and tree frogs. Well, I don't know about the tree frogs. The cicadas have been really loud lately but not like Iowa where they sound like mallards in the trees. Ha! I've used that line a hundred times and it still makes me laugh. I crack myself up.

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