Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the rumors of his death

I went to Joe and Meghan's wedding this weekend by myself because I was on my way to the reunion of my old high school friends. I slipped into a pew with some friends from school. A couple that we know from the Bothy in Mankato, but hadn't seen since April, turned and waved. I couldn't stay at the reception very long so Joanne told me later they had come to talk to her because they were concerned that Regis had passed... as they say. (I like that expression: as if you passed through a veil to the other side.) She filled them in on the real story but Regis was surprised to hear that there are rumors of his demise. He'll have to tell Bill next time he sees him that the rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated. It was very sweet of them to be so concerned.

Contrary to being dead, Regis is feeling much better since his surgery and looking very healthy. He still has some lingering fluid but the doctor says not to worry...that will disappear with time and exercise. He's able to eat fruit for the first time in years. The first bite of a plum was heaven, he said.

It's very warm and sticky here but we're going to make turkey brats on the grill. I also found a recipe for those giant portobello mushrooms that are stuffed with peppers, onions, cheese, and herbs from the garden.

It looks like it might rain here but there are no clouds on the radar. I hate that. It's like they sneak up on you sometimes. Nothing I hate worse than violent storms in the night.

I'd like to have a glass of wine right now while I'm cooking but I want to go for a bike ride later and I don't think it would be safe. Better wait and do it after the bike ride. Drunken biking...not a good idea.

My friend Kathy who lives in Eden Prairie was so kind and complimentary about my writing when I saw her this weekend. She suggested I retire from teaching and make my living writing. Maybe if anybody (better make that everybody) reading here would like to send a monthly donation of say, five hundred dollars, I might be able to make that work. Just think how entertaining I could be if I had eight extra hours a day. I could arrange for PayPal payments.

I'm reading the last chapter (I think) of the Sedaris book. All in all, I enjoyed it very much, but the chapter called Smoking Section made me laugh out loud several times last night. He is living in Tokyo when he decides to quit smoking. His observations on life in Japan and trying to learn the Japanese language are hilarious.

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