Saturday, August 02, 2008


It's been a pretty quiet day on this ranch. We bought groceries this morning and Regis felt good enough to walk around the HyVee but felt less well the rest of the day than he did yesterday. His plumbing feels good. He said he can feel his pills go straight down the chute rather than waiting to swirl down the drain. He spent most of the afternoon in the lawn chair recharging his batteries.

Regis took a percocet after lunch and I went immediately to sleep. Is it supposed to work that way?

I made beef and barley soup for dinner but Bob and Emily offered to come over with Chinese. I'm not sure how much of that he can eat but it will be nice to have a visit.

It's Tiffany's homecoming day today...23 years ago she came from Korea. I remember it like it was yesterday. She arrived the afternoon of August 2 and was awake all night. This is her the next day, very sleepy. I couldn't take my eyes off her so I was awake all night, too. What a miracle she has been.

Back to my soup kitchen. Maybe more later.

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PP said...

I would think Chinese noodles would slide right on down the chute as well. Hope it goes all right. Great picture of Tiffany. Happy Homecoming Day to her.

I thought of you when I was killing time at the elementary school media center recently. I looked up the word 'ennui' because I had forgotten the definition. I also looked up a few other words I've heard but never exactly knew what they meant ('sanguine', 'sophomoric' and 'ethereal' to name a few).