Sunday, August 10, 2008

philadelphians go to the fair

I love that Regis and his boys get such a kick out of the fair. We always go to the animal barns where there are lots of things to be amazed by which will remain nameless here. Jill and Retired Larry, you know whereof I speak. I think you've taken pictures of the same things.

There was quite a gaggle of us: Bob and Emily and Ella, Regis and Amber, Regis and Teresa, and Rich. We ran into someone who recognized us from my blog. What a hoot, Sandy!

We always travel the same route. Everyone parks at our house, we wander down and stop at the Jaycees beer tent, walk through the one building where they have everything from Mary Kay to the Jesus Church to Democrats, then to food row. Last night most of us ate at Doc E's BBQ. After that we go to the animal barns. I was very disappointed that they didn't have the petting zoo this year. Ella still liked the roosters, the goats, and the sheep.

This year we walked through the games of chance which seemed bigger and fancier back in the old days. Ella picked a duck (I love that game!) and won a plastic horn. Bob and Emily can hope it doesn't last too long. She wanted to go on a ride so Bob and Amber took her on the spinning bear. I had to walk away as I was afraid she would cry and it would break my heart. No tears, though.

We hung around for a while, talked to the neighbors, then limped home. A good time was had by all.

I've worked hard all weekend getting organized and doing some things after the past weeks of slothfulness and surgery. I swear they slipped me a sedative Regis had surgery. Nobody wants to hear what I did because it's the same stuff most people do everyone. The price for living in a civilized the bathroom.

Kramer gets a haircut tomorrow. What did dogs do before modern day vets and dog groomers? I swear when I was a kid we had a dog that lived outside. Now your neighbors would call the county and have you arrested for per neglect. I remind my dog about the past and how dogs lived in the past. Regis got a can of Mighty Dog at the grocery store today with a coupon so it was free. Kramer turned up his nose and left the room.

I can't remember if I've written about this before but our dogs (when Bert was still alive) were told they got one periodontal cleaning per lifetime. Bert reached his out of pocket maximum for medical care so he's lucky he expired when he did. If you haven't checked out the dog resort in Mankato, you should. They have a dog code of conduct. I bet I wrote about that before, too. It's this anesthesia hangover...I can't remember anything.

I made a pasta salad for dinner and as usually happens, now it isn't very appealing to me. I'm not so fond of large quantities of raw vegetables anymore. Not like I ever was...I always preferred bread and potatoes.

I've never been much for joining clubs but I did find this one that I thought Mrs. Potts and I would enjoy. As Bob says, these are some gnarly looking women and not in a good way. Now that's funny.

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Jill said...

Tell Regis it may be funny to him that the women in said photo aren't so appealing, but it doesn't strike me that way, especially if I'm expected to join. That says something about the reason these girls don't get any action.